Contact us

You can reach us through any of the following contact points:
                    Outreach church of Christ, P.O.Box 52 Hamilton TX     76531-0052
                       (or  Outreach church, P.O.Box 52,  Hamilton TX 76531-0052)
When ordering books, be sure to include the following three items:
  1. Your Mailing Address 
  2. Language you are requesting
  3. Quantity of each title you prefer. (one box contains 120-132 copies, but smaller quantities are available)
We encourage you to be bold in your asking, even if you are not capable of making a donation to the cause.
Some people hesitate to ask for as many copies as they would like, for fear of feeling greedy.  Ask!  Please ask!  Someone’s soul may be depending on it.  We trust that God will make the funds available if it is his will to do so.
If you would like to make a charitable donation to the cause, make your checks to Outreach church (or Outreach church of Christ) and mail them to P.O.Box 52  Hamilton TX 76531-0052.  Thanks in advance!
Your feedback is always appreciated–about the book or about a testimony related to the book.  We love to hear how God is working in your life to make an eternal difference in the lives of others.
Thanks again!
Our church Website is:

2 comments on “Contact us
  1. Michael Guest says:

    I would like to order a box of 132 copies of the book for our congregation in Caro Michigan.
    We plan to use them for outreach and personal growth. How do I order these books.

  2. Keith Brock says:

    i too am looking for a way to order books! Where do i go to get that done?

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